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The Professional Grappling Federation (PGF) introduces enthusiasts to an exhilarating form of submission grappling presented in a league format, incorporating a distinctive scoring system designed to incentivize dynamic engagement. In the regular season, participants accumulate points exclusively through submissions executed within the confines of their six-minute matches. Specifically, the term "Breaks" (e.g., armbars, leg locks, etc.) garners three points, while "Kills" (referring to chokes) yield six points. Noteworthy, competitors achieving a submission in under one minute merit an additional bonus point.

The PGF pioneered the integration of a comprehensive structure encompassing a pre-season, regular season, and post-season in the realm of jiu-jitsu promotions. To qualify for inclusion in the regular season roster, prospective competitors are mandated to partake in a minimum of one pre-season qualifier. These qualifiers entail single-elimination tournaments, with progression contingent upon securing submissions or receiving a Commissioner's decision, based on the criteria of the most captivating performance.

Commencing from season 3 onwards, the regular season unfolds through live streaming on YouTube, commencing with the combine and draft events, spanning four days (Monday through Thursday) of intense matches. Following this rigorous schedule, competitors are afforded a day of respite on Friday, leading up to the culminating event of the post-season finale tournament held on Saturday. Within the context of this tournament, the top eight contenders engage in matches adhering to Eddie Bravo Invitational (EBI) rules until the ultimate confrontation, characterized as a pure submission-only, no-time-limit match.

To clinch the coveted PGF title, a contender must demonstrate mastery over three distinct rule sets, thereby precluding the possibility of reliance on a singular strategy. Prospective PGF champions recognize that their path to victory hinges upon their capacity to deliver compelling performances, mounting relentless offensives, and prevailing over their adversaries in pursuit of the championship crown.

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