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PGF Founders

The driving force behind this groundbreaking venture consists of four  individuals, each bringing a unique blend of skill, experience, and vision to the table. Together, this dynamic quartet spearheads the PGF, a Jiu-Jitsu promotion that seeks to redefine the landscape of combat sports. 

Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)



2nd Degree Black Belt, Gym Owner, Commentator for the biggest shows in Jiu Jitsu, Social Media Influencer, PGF Commissioner, and the original creator of the PGF.

Chief Operations Officer (COO)



Black Belt and Founder of the band Five Finger Death Punch. Bathory is known for his philanthropy, particularly supporting military veterans and first responders.

Chief Relations Officer (CRO)



Heather's family lineage traces back to the very origins of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. She is a serial entrepreneur.  

Chief Creative Officer (CCO)



A BJJ brown belt with a background in media production, Keelan is the architect who breathes life into the PGF's creative endeavors.

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Welcome to the Professional Grappling Federation (PGF)

Experience the Evolution of Jiu-Jitsu – Fast, Explosive, and Unpredictably Strategic

The PGF Experience: A New Era in Grappling Sports

Prepare for the sixth season of the PGF, where the speed and strategy of modern jiu-jitsu come alive in an unparalleled competitive format. If you've not yet witnessed the high-octane action of our first five seasons, now is the time to see why PGF is quickly becoming the world's most exhilarating grappling tournament. Here, the action is fast-paced and the competition fierce. In PGF, slow moves are passé; we celebrate swift, tactical aggression where only victory secures honor.

Revolutionizing Team Competition

In PGF, teams are more than just collections of athletes. They are strategic assemblages, carefully crafted by Team Managers who bring their wisdom and insight to the forefront. The excitement kicks off with a live auction, where managers bid on top-level grapplers, crafting their teams not just for strength but for strategic synergy. This isn't merely about selecting the strongest fighter; it's an intricate dance of tactics, alliances, and foresight.

A Five-Day Jiu-Jitsu Marathon

The tournament unfolds over four intense days of competition, culminating in a final tournament on the fifth day. Each match is a high-stakes quest for submission, with draws penalized and aggressive offense rewarded. Competitors vie for points – six for chokes, three for joint locks, and bonus points for swift submissions. In the PGF, individual prowess is crucial, but it's the collective strength of the team that ultimately leads to victory.

Why PGF Is Unique

Rapid-Fire Matches: Each bout is a five-minute surge of adrenaline, reminiscent of the fervor seen in UFC fights.
Team Dynamics: Success hinges on the collective performance of each team, managed by astute Team Managers.
Innovative Scoring: Emphasis on submissions ensures every match is an intense battle for dominance.

Be Part of the PGF Saga

As Season 6 approaches, join us in the evolution of jiu-jitsu. PGF is not just for the grappling aficionados; it's a spectacle that invites everyone to witness the drama, strategy, and exhilaration. Embrace the thrill of the Professional Grappling Federation – where every throw and hold tells the story of victory and valor.

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