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PGF Season 5: The Best of Day 1

Updated: Nov 1, 2023

Landon Tourville had something to say to all of his detractors. He leads the pack after Day 1.

Every season, the level of competition in the Professional Grappling Federation ramps up. PGF Season 5 Day 1 proved no match is a foregone conclusion. It proved yet again, some blue belts' stars will shine bright and some highly touted competitors can fade. Fans who missed Day 1 can catch up by watching it on Brandon Mccaghren‘s YouTube Channel. Let's take a look at some of the standouts from Day 1.

Landon Tourville – Blue Belt, Fathom BJJ : Your Nashville Qualifier winner didn't get much respect in the PGF Season 5 Live Draft. He went for the league minimum - $100. The Commissioner, Brandon Mccaghren, pointed out that even if Tourville doesn't get any more points, Team Toe Hold Red led by Matt Skaff has more than gotten their money's worth from Landon. Every season, the PGF has a blue belt who shines and becomes a star. Landon Tourville has made a great start. And he's not shy about telling his detractors he came to win (as can be seen in the cover photo and his post-Day 1 interview). Landon Tourville leads all competitors with 11 points.

The Rock Troll Maximus Jolly stands victorious after securing a break against Anakin McMahan. Photo Courtesy of Walo Jay.

A breakout star and fan favorite from PGF Season 4, some said the Rock Troll Maximus Jolly would be too undersized for Season 5. After all, Season 4 was 155 pounds compared to Season 5's 185 pounds. The Rock Troll told his detractors jiu jitsu was meant for skilled smaller practitioners to be able to take on larger opponents...then he went on the mats and backed up those words. Jolly's "grip it and rip it" style allowed him to secure two breaks in less than one minute getting him six points for the two breaks as well as an additional two Elbow Genie Points for the quick submissions. He comes in at third with nine points.

Fedor Nikolov locks in the dead orchard submission against Buddha Mcclure on Day 1 of PGF Season 5. Photo Courtesy of Walo Jay.

Fedor Nikolov came into PGF Season 5 with a lot of buzz behind him. He won the Los Angeles Qualifier and in a student directly under Eddie Bravo. Still, somehow Team Toe Hold Red Manager was able to steal him for only $700 in the PGF Auction draft. Again, Skaff has been proven right with Fedor scoring a kill via rear-naked choke and a break via dead orchard. Fedor has shown he came to win the PGF and the buzz was well-earned. He left PGF Season 5 Day 1 in second place with 10 points.

While these three competitors had outstanding days, a number of highly touted players had few, if any points. As said at the beginning of this piece, the level of competition is ever growing in the PGF. Even though a number of the highly ranked competitors coming in the season didn't put points on the board, they gave the fans exciting matches. Fans can expect another four plus hours of exciting matches tonight on Brandon Mccaghren‘s YouTube Channel as PGF Season 5, Day 2 will kick off LIVE at 4pm Central time. Fans will find out if another blue belt will shine or if the highly touted veterans take their turn at the top. Either way it will be exciting, so tune in to the show!

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