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PGF Season 5: The Best of Day 2

Elijah Carlton is INEVITABLE,

THE CHAMP IS HERE! THE CHAMP IS HERE! THE CHAMP IS HERE! Elijah Carlton and a number of the other highly touted competitors showed why they were so highly regarded coming into the PGF Season. But our GOAT from Day 1 kept his impressive run going as well. Fans who missed Day 2 can catch up by watching it on Brandon Mccaghren‘s YouTube Channel. Let's take a look at some of the standouts from Day 2.

Elijah Carlton (Team Epic Roll) – Black Belt, 10th Planet Atlanta–As Elijah himself has said, he’s inevitable. A couple of competitors were able to force draws, by either expertly defending or running from Elijah on day 1. Elijah’s competitors could do neither on day 2. The Jabroni Grappler secured two kills and a break to soar to the top of the standings.

Sam Schwartzapfel (Team Epic Roll) – Purple Belt, 10th Planet HQ- Picked to have an outstanding day on the first day, Sam only secured a break. Sam came back with a kill and a vicious break in the form of a crotch ripper. Sam now sits at 6th place and aims to stay in the top eight to make the finale.

Sam Schwartzapfel faces off against teammate Fedor Nikolov.

Landon Tourville – Blue Belt, Fathom BJJ : The young blue belt continues to impress. He scored with a break in all three of his matches. Halfway through the PGF regular season, he’s in second place. As mentioned previously, Toe Hold Red Manager Matt Skaff only had to give Landon the league minimum of $100. He’s proving to the be steal of the draft.

Landon Tourville looking to leg lock Luke Church.

Nick Craton (Team Epic Roll) – Brown Belt at Adamas Jiu Jitsu, formerly of 10th Planet St. Paul. Craton came in as a dark horse to win the entire thing, but had a lackluster first day. Craton came out with a sense of urgency, leading off all of Day 2 with an Elbow Genie Anaconda, getting seven points. He secured another break to bring him up to 5th place. Now he's in the hunt for the title again and will keep fighting for it the rest of the season.

Nick Craton had an exciting match against Kemoy Anderson.

The final part of the story is the emerging DOMINANCE of Team Epic Roll. At the end of the first day, they were in third place with only 22 team points. But on day 2, they put up 43 points! They now have a COMMANDING lead at 65 team points. Their next closest competitor is Team Level with 48 points. It looks like "the Yankees of the PGF" will run away with the team championship.

The leaders board has changed so many times. Expect the top eight to constantly change until the final block of the PGF regular season. Fans can expect another four plus hours of exciting matches tonight on Brandon Mccaghren‘s YouTube Channel as PGF Season 5, Day 3 will kick off LIVE at 4pm Central time. Fans will find out if another blue belt will shine or if the highly touted veterans take their turn at the top. Either way it will be exciting, so tune in to the show!

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