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PGF Season 5: The Best of Day 4

Team Epic Roll celebrates Maximus Jolly's triumphant season.

In the final day of the regular season, the top competitors showed why they were considered the top competitors. The top two continued to distance themselves from the pack while the dark horse also separated himself from the others. A PGF veteran and former coach solidified his Finale future. A fan favorite returned to his true form and was celebrated by his teammates. The teams showed how much they had coalesced. The fans showed how much they had embraced the competitors. PGF Season 5 proved the PGF was everything you love about sports with jiu jitsu. Let's take a look at the Best of Day 4, the final day of the PGF Season 5 regular season.

Elijah Carlton attempts to get a leg lock on Fedor Nikolov.

Elijah Carlton (Team Epic Roll) – Black Belt, 10th Planet Atlanta. The PGF’s Royce Gracie did enough to win yet another regular season in the PGF. He sunk in a rear naked choke against a very resilient Matthew Dewees who forced many opponents to settle for a draw if not a loss. He locked in the regular season championship by getting a heel hook against David Cooper in less than one minute, earning the Elbow Genie bonus point. Elijah has proved he is inevitable as he has said so many times.

Travis Thomas works to secure the triangle choke against Noah Randolph.

MANTIS Travis Thomas (Team Level) – Purple Belt, 10th Planet Decatur. The breakout star of PGF Season 5 put an exclamation on the season with two triangle chokes for two kills. He took out PGF multi-season veteran Noah Randolph with a traditional triangle from bottom. Then, in a match with playoff implications, the Mantis sunk in a modified triangle for a kill against PGF Season 5 Blue Belt Standout Landon Tourville. Thomas and Tourville will rematch in the first round of the PGF Finale Tournament. Travis Thomas has proven he is a remarkable grappler this season and a real contender to meet the Jabroni Grappler Elijah Carlton in the Finals…and possibly beat him.

Nick Craton facing off against PGF veteran Noah Randolph.

Nick Craton (Team Epic Roll) – Brown Belt at Adamas Jiu Jitsu, formerly of 10th Planet St. Paul. After being forced to settle for a draw against PGF veteran Noah Randolph, Craton made an impression on the night. He heel hooked PGF Season 5 blue belt standout and Day 1 GOAT Landon Tourville. Then, Craton cranked another heel hook, this time on Sawyer Griffin and quick enough to earn him the Elbow Genie point. Many fans picked Craton as the dark horse to win the PGF. Now after finishing third in the regular season, he’ll have a chance to make a run at the title.

Kemoy Anderson works to stabilize the scarf hold/kesa gatame position against his opponent.

Kemoy Anderson (Team Level) – Brown Belt, 10th Planet Austin (formerly 10th Planet El Paso). Kemoy faced two very game opponents in Fedor Nikolov and Sam Schwartzapfel. He took the 10th Planet Headquarters teammates both to draws, denying them the chance to improve their regular season standings. Kemoy ensured he made the playoffs, sinking in the triangle against a very game Young Matthew Dewees. Heading into the Finale playoffs, Kemoy will face a very motivated Maximus Jolly. The Rock Troll is looking forward to avenging his first PGF submission loss, which was to Kemoy.

PGF Veteran and Referee Nick Sahf raises the Rock Troll Maximus Jolly's hand in victory.

The Rock Troll Maximus Prime Jolly (Team Epic Roll) – Purple Belt, Upper Cumberland MMA/10th Planet Cookeville. The Rock Troll had a rough day 3, but he came back with a vengeance on the final day of the regular season. Coming into the final day of the PGF regular season, he was tied for 7th place and on the bubble. The Rock Troll returned to his grip it and rip it ways, securing two heel hooks and an Mikey lock. With those three breaks, he catapulted himself into fourth place for the regular season. And with that ranking, he gets to run it back with the man who gave him his first submission loss in the PGF: Kemoy Anderson. Expect to see a very motivated Rock Troll in the PGF Finale.

The regular season is done. The stage is set for the PGF Season 5 Finale. The Rock Troll gets to avenge his submission loss to Kemoy Anderson (or suffer a second loss). Elijah Carlton has to face a very tough Sam Schwartzapfel and possibly fight for his future in Eddie Bravo Invitational (EBI) overtime rounds. The Dark Horse Nick Craton has to prove himself against the Russian Nightmare Fedor Nikolov. And the two breakout stars of the season, Travis Thomas and Landon Tourville get a chance to run it back. The PGF Season 5 Finale will be ELECTRIC and it’s all available LIVE this Saturday. Visit to find out how to purchase the pay per view or join Brandon Mccaghren‘s YouTube Channel at the Jedi level. See you there.

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