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PGF Season 5: The Fantasy Results

Cam Hurd is a WARRIOR!

Skin in the game - a term used to many times in so many contexts, but it's really about one's connection to an endeavor. The Professional Grappling Federation (PGF) provides so many ways to connect with the athletes and the production. Fans get to see competitors take their shot at making the league as they compete in the qualifiers (sometimes multiple qualifiers). They get to see them in interviews with the PGF Insiders. Fans get to see the competitors rack and stack themselves in the PGF Combine. They can watch as the Team Managers jockey for position in an attempt to win the best team in the PGF Live Auction. Finally, they get to watch as the competitors actually figure out who is who in the PGF during the regular season. But the Fantasy League gives fans another level of investment in the PGF matches. Fantasy managers research the competitors, reading blog posts (thank you), looking at film available online, looking at matchups. Fantasy managers are next-level fans who might not have known a competitor before they joined the PGF, but these fans are INVESTED in the competitors as soon as the first day of the regular season hits. And we're here to celebrate the dedicated, diligent, and admittedly a little lucky managers who won the daily and season PGF Fantasy prizes put up by

XMartial realized the potential of the PGF and the excitement around the fantasy jiu jitsu aspect and decided to offer $1,000 and $1,000 in gear to the winners of the PGF Fantasy league. As mentioned before the season in a previous blog article, PGF Fantasy managers could win daily prizes and prizes for the overall winner. Daily winners of the Fantasy receive $100 in cash. The second and third place finishers both receive a $50 gift card to The OVERALL winner of the PGF Fantasy season wins $600. The second place winner gets a $400 gift card to and the third place winner gets a $200 gift card winner for

The first day of the PGF was an outstanding event, but PGF Fantasy managers had limited information about the competitors on their teams. Many had to take leaps of faith when figuring out how to spend their $100 budget, always filling their full roster. The Daily PGF Fantasy winners for Day 1 were:

PGF Fantasy Winners Day 1

Okay, even with a 20lb brain, I don't know how the six folks tied for seventh is going to work out for the gift card situation. Still, we all know that Victor Colon with his Devas Squad will receive $100 for putting together the best PGF Fantasy Day 1 team.

Your Day 2 Fantasy winners!

Some familiar names made the top 3 for PGF Fantasy Day 3. Matt Anderson, sometimes called the Manderson in the PGF, was a standout competitor for Season 1. He took the Day 2 daily title with his Mando's Maulers. So he'll walk away with $100. Daniel Siriphongs, the PGF superfan, took the third place with his Execute Order 66 crew (that's a Star Wars reference for the non-nerds). He'll get a $25 gift card to

PGF Season 5, Day 3 winners

On Day 3, PGF Season 3 and Season 4 alumnus, Evan Dewitt was able to take the daily prize with his DeWitt it and Quit it team. Chelsea Spurlin with the highly creative team name of Spurlin snuck in that second spot and Steve Hattoy with his MaddHattaz team rounded out the top three.

PGF Season 5, Day 4 Fantasy Winners

For the final day of the PGF, Evan Dewitt added to his winning streak, but he had to share it with the PGF Season 3 Kevin Beuhring standout's father Alex Beuhring aka Big Daddy. Both should receive $50. Amari Hattoy learned from the other Hattoy and with her Baby MaddHattaz she took the third/second spot. Amari should receive a $50 gift card. I expect Rachel McAllister with Team Duchess and Clark Barlowe with team Hindulotine to each get $25 gift cards.

Of course, with the four daily competition winners figured out, we need to move on over to the OVERALL SEASON WINNERS! Yes, yes, we all know Egghead did not win the overall season title and didn't win any of the daily titles either. With all the writing and other things going on with the season, Egghead actually spends about five minutes before we go live to pick his own team. The most important things are giving the fans some analysis and good analysis as part of the commentary. With those build in excuses/copes said aloud, here are your PGF Season 5 Overall Season Winners:


Scott Carter with his "The Gentlemen's grappling club" team wins the overall PGF Fantasy season. He will receive $600. PGF veteran Evan DeWitt with his "DeWitt and Quit it" ended up in the second place overall. He will receive a $400 gift card. Chelsea Spurlin with the ever-inventive Spulin team will receive a $200 for taking third place. I kept our fourth place winner in the pic because Daniel Siriphongs has been a great help over the years keeping track of stats, etc. Thanks Daniel, sorry you barely missed it.

For all the Fantasy Managers out there, we hope you had as much fun this season as we did. Also, we hope being a fantasy manager has helped build a connection between you and our amazing competitors. We hope you join us for the PGF Finale this Saturday. Look at to buy the PPV. In the finale, we'll see a ladies 135 lb bracket where PGF Season 5 Manager and First Female Champion of the PGF Nekiaya Jackson will defend her belt. There's a Quintet tournament and of course we'll see the top 8 season finalists will face off to see who is the ultimate PGF Season 5 Champion. It's going to be a blast and we hope you're there. Oh yeah, there's also the HUGE announcement that Commissioner Brandon Mccaghren will make - you DO NOT WANT TO MISS THIS ANNOUNCEMENT. See you at the Finale.

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