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PGF Season 5 Welcomes Your No-Gi Neighbor: Sawyer Griffin

Updated: Sep 8, 2023

Unless you’re a diehard Professional Grappling Federation fan, you likely don’t know Sawyer Griffin and he wouldn’t want it any other way. No, he’s not the former collegiate wrestler looking for another competitive adventure. No, he’s not the former mma fighter looking for a sport with more longevity. Sawyer Griffin is the every man. The guy who was going on with his life when he discovered jiu jitsu – then everything clicked. Sawyer is the every man whose killer instinct was ignited when he hit the mats.

After graduating high school, Sawyer was looking to do some sort of combat sports. He first thought of boxing, but his father told him to check out 10th Planet Decatur, led by the Commissioner, Brandon Mccaghren. About three years into training (he had taken a year off), Sawyer has earned his purple belt under a coach who loves to make people REALLY earn those belts. As Sawyer says, “they let you cook. Brandon loves to cook you while he’s on top. That’s just his game. His game is to make you suffer and to suffer for a long time and to make you scream to let him kill you. That’s the way he goes for his belt promotions. He wants you to have a psychotic break right before you get it, then wait 2-3 more months to see if you come back and can get it.” Well, Sawyer kept coming back and earned a very well-deserved purple belt.

Even as Sawyer hones his jiu jitsu skills, he’s just a regular guy. As Sawyer’s roommate and training partner Jackson Spry said, “Sawyer Griffin only has two modes: one for when he is on the mat and a totally different one when he’s not.” Off the mat, Sawyer is a full-on Clark Kent-type klutz. He trips over things that are not there; he hurts himself opening doors. But when he’s on the mat, “[Sawyer] is a full speed submission hunter that never stops moving forward and often mocks and taunts opponents when they resort to stalling or running away just to try and survive his blistering pace.” Spry said.

Despite his goofy ways off the mat, fans should not question his dedication. He’s smart, boasting a health and wellness management degree from Athens State University. Off the mats he shows his dedication through a very strict diet, essentially eating the same meal every day. He only breaks diet right after a competition. Sawyer recently started upping his game some more, by adding training with the burgeoning mma program at 10th Planet Decatur.

Back to Sawyer’s exploits in the PGF, he earned his invitation by finishing second place in the first two PGF Season 5 qualifiers. He has expertly dispatched every opponent except for the two eventual qualifier winners. But he’s even shown those qualifier winners something to consider. In the PGF Season 5 Wetumpka Qualifier, Sawyer Griffin faced PGF veteran and Handsome Daddy Belt-holder. Handsome Kevin Sherrill. Fans of the PGF know a little bit about Handsome Kevin Sherrill from his recent article on Besides being the PGF Season 3 runner-up, Handsome Kevin just happens to be a former Division 1 wrestler. Facing a wrestler of Handsome Kevin’s caliber, Sawyer’s obvious move would have been to sit immediately. What did Sawyer do? He went for a single-leg takedown. In both their matches at the Wetumpka qualifier, Sawyer refused to back down. He was constantly on the attack against the very seasoned wrestler and grappler who is Handsome Kevin. Sawyer came up short, but he showed the fans and the Commissioner that Sawyer Griffin has the warrior ethos, the come back with your shield or on it attitude that fuels the PGF.

Sawyer cemented his spot in the PGF, receiving his invitation after his performance at the PGF Season 5 Decatur Qualifier. There, he first faced Joshua “Full Time” Gibbs, two-time PGF veteran and winner of Season 3’s Such N SuchBATTLERAMA! (5:12:35). Sawyer showed a sick back take on the way to a rear-naked choke submission. In his next match, Sawyer secured a guillotine against a mma veteran in the form of Christopher McConnell. Sawyer lost his match against The Rock Troll Maximus Jolly, but came back and showcased another expert back take on the way to rear naked choking another PGF Season 5 competitor in the form of Carson Thigpen. While Sawyer eventually fell again to the Rock Troll, ending up as the runner-up for the Decatur qualifier, Sawyer once again showed he had the pace, the attitude, and the chops to finish PGF competitors and excite the fans.

Fans wanting to know more about Sawyer Griffin can check out his Instagram. Better yet, they can check out the No Gi Neighbors Podcast where Sawyer and his roomate and training partner Jackson Spry talk about mma, grappling events, training, and the PGF. Of course, fans can check out the PGF Insiders podcast McDojo Life YouTube Channel or Brandon Mccaghren’s channel (if a member). For future competitors who will face him in the PGF, they better check out that tape and beware Sawyer’s back takes. Moreover, they better work on their cardio. Regardless of who Sawyer Griffin faces, he’s going to push the pace and he won’t back down an inch.

The editors at thank the PGF Insiders, Sawyer Griffin, and Jackson Spry for providing the content of this article. The PGF Insiders will always work to provide the latest and greatest information regarding the PGF and you can see their weekly podcasts on the McDojo Life YouTube Channel or Brandon Mccaghren’s channel (if a member). Special thanks to Walo Jay for all the great photos. Those interested in Walo’s work can check out his YouTube page (link is specifically to Walo’s Handsome Kevin short) and Walo’s website.

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