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MERRY CHRISTMAS! Ok, it’s been a minute. But the wait has been worth it. Let’s talk some PGF News!

Just about two months ago, Professional Grappling Federation fans watched the wildly successful PGF Season 5. During the Finale, Elijah Carlton was named the King of the PGF once more.

But more importantly, PGF fans got an early Christmas present from Brandon Mccaghren, the PGF Commissioner, in the form of a special announcement during the PGF Season 5 Finale. The Commish announced that PGF Season 6 was happening…in VEGAS BABY, VEGAS!!!!

Since that time, we’ve received some additional news. Namely, PGF Season 6 will be at 170lbs. Thus, we’re looking at the same weight class as PGF Season 3.

Wait, don’t we have a 170lb PGF Champ? Why yes, yes we do. So that begged the question, will the PGF Season 3 champion defend his belt? AGAIN, the ANSWER WAS YES!!!! The PGF Insiders had PGF Season 3 Champion David Evers on their podcast and extended an official invitation to him to defend his belt which he accepted. So, Quadzilla will defend his belt against 19 other competitors who want to take the title.

What else do we know? Well, we have it official that Season 6 will happen sometime in April – see HERE. As stated above, it will be in Las Vegas. We also know that more HUGE announcements will be made in January.

As for now, that’s all the Editorial Board at feels comfortable sharing. They might know a little more, but as a result of previous slip ups, they are on “double secret probation” and don’t want to risk losing PGF Insider status.

Rest assured, PGF Season 6 will be a true revolution for professional submission grappling. As the Commish has said, folks years from now will look back on the PGF and say “this is where jiu jitsu became a sport.” And you can be a part of it. Go back and watch all the previous PGF seasons. You won’t be disappointed. The PGF was designed for the fans and it has always delivered. Egghead will be returning as a commentator and will give you insight into the history of the PGF, but wouldn’t it be better if you were nodding in agreement because you understood the references as opposed to learning something for the first time? You have four months to enjoy the previous seasons of the PGF before it breaks out nationally. You can be an OG of the PGF if you put in a little time right now. The PGF is already starting to get national press.

Rest assured, the momentum has build up. The inertia of the PGF is moving forward and is unstoppable. The PGF will take over submission grappling. And you can be a witness to this takeover this April as it streams from Las Vegas!

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