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Season 5: Day 3 Fantasy Analysis

Paul Bahri wasn't happy with our picks and let us know after he got a sick toe hold.

We're getting close to show time for Day 3 and I know you need to set your teams. So, we'll keep the preamble short. Look for a number of highly touted competitors to start putting up points as they have better schedules this week. Also, there's been a number of injuries so make sure you understand who is actually competing as you don't want someone who's injured on your fantasy team and competitors facing replacement players should get a boost in their point totals by the end of the night. As always, may the odds be ever in your favor.

Elijah Carlton (Team Epic Roll) – Black Belt, 10th Planet Atlanta$23. He faces Buddha Mcclure, Landon Tourville, and Sawyer Griffin. In his day 2 post interview Elijah said the key to winning is for the top tier contenders to get dunks on the lower ranked players. Landon Tourville has been a breakout star of Season 2, but we’ll see if it was just a good schedule or top-level skills when he faces Elijah. Expect Elijah to get three submissions today. – 15 points.

The Rock Troll Maximus Prime Jolly (Team Epic Roll) – Purple Belt, Upper Cumberland MMA/10th Planet Cookeville - $21. He faces Jacob Lamar, Handsome Kevin Sherrill, and Kemoy Anderson. There’s a very real chance Lamar has to be out due to an eye poke from Day 2. Whether it’s Lamar or Alex Rodriguez replacing him, the Rock Troll should get a submission in that match. The other two matches will be very tough against other seasoned PGF veterans. – 6 points.

Fedor Nikolov (Team Toe Hold Red) – Brown Belt, 10th Planet HQ (formerly 10th Planet St. Petersburg) - $21. He faces Luke Church, Cam Hurd, and Jacob Lamar. On paper he should get three submissions, but can he pick up his pace to handle the PGF’s six-minute rounds. I’d expect a kill against Lamar or Alex Rodriguez if he replaces him. A break against Church. A draw against Cam Hurd (but he could get a break in that match). – 9 points.

Matt Elkins (Team Toe Hold Blue)– Black Belt, 10th Planet Birmingham - $20. He faces Cam Hurd, Luke Church, and Josh Gibbs. The Cam Hurd match is HIGHLY ANTICIPATED as a rematch from the ADCC East Coast Trials - Cam won by points. Now that it’s sub only, can Elkins get the PGF points on Cam? Elkins has to be feeling a true sense of urgency. He put seven points on the board on day 2, but he’s low in the rankings. If he doesn’t get at least two kills today, he may not make the finale. – 15 points.

Nick Craton (Team Epic Roll) – Brown Belt at Adamas Jiu Jitsu, formerly of 10th Planet St. Paul - $19. He faces Matthew Dewees, Josh Gibbs, and Luke Church. Expect a big day from Craton. Dewees has shown to be very resilient, but Craton is dangerous. I’m expecting two kills and a break. - 15 points.

Kemoy Anderson (Team Level) – Brown Belt, 10th Planet Austin (formerly 10th Planet El Paso) - $18. Kemoy faces Landon Tourville, Buddha Mcclure, Maximus Jolly. Kemoy’s strategy is clearly to maximize his points against the “lower-tier” opponents and to stall out or give no points when he faces his tougher opponents. Look for Kemoy to try to maximize his points today. But, Jolly and Tourville could prove more resilient than Kemoy expects, taking him to a draw. – 6 points.

MANTIS Travis Thomas (Team Level) – Purple Belt, 10th Planet Decatur - $18. He faces Josh Gibbs, Matthew Dewees, and Sam Schwartz. Gibbs and Dewees have shown true grit in many of their matches but the sheer athleticism along with his formidable jiu jitsu skill should allow Thomas to get submissions against them. Schwartzapfel is a much tougher proposition and likely leads to a draw. – 12 points.

Anakin McMahan (Team Level) – Brown Belt, SubHounds - $17. Anakin being out after possibly having his foot broken by that toe hold that Paul Bahri put on him.

Handsome Kevin Sherrill (Team Toe Hold Red) – Brown Belt, LHM/American Top Team Atlanta - $17. Handsome Kevin has a very favorable lineup today. Handsome Kevin knows he needs to get kills if he wants to make the finale, he NEEDS to score KILLS. He made the Season 3 Finale with only 4 Kills, but he also had a BUNCH of team points. With Epic Roll running away with the Team Points, Handsome Kevin is going to have to rely upon himself if he wants to make the finale. That said, it’s going to be a tall order to submit the Rock Troll. Maximus Jolly has never been submitted while in the PGF (his loss in the PGF Season 4 Finale was by EBI overtime ride time). – 12 points.

Cameron Hurd (Team Epic Roll) – Purple Belt, Silver Back NOVA - $17. He faces MATT ELKINS, Fedor Nikolov, and David Cooper. The match against Matt Elkins is the HIGHLY ANTICIPATED rematch from ADCC East Coast Trials where Cam earned the win by points (takedown). But Elkins beat the best wrestler in PGF History (his brother Jake) by sitting and using his jiu jitsu. Look for Matt to sit and use his jiu jitsu to beat Cam. Fedor is another tough matchup where Cam is unlikely to score. Cam will need to get a Kill against Cooper if he wants to keep his post-season hopes alive. - 6 points

Sam Schwartzapfel (Team Epic Roll) – Purple Belt, 10th Planet HQ and 10th Planet NYC - $17. He faces Moose Fritz, Paul Bahri, and Travis Thomas. Sam is in the finale for now, but can’t let up if he wants to make sure he’s in the show on Saturday. I think he gets the subs against Moose (they didn’t actually face each other at the LA qualifier) and Bahri, but Thomas forces the draw.

Jacob Lamar (Team Toe Hold Blue) – Black Belt, Cobra Brazilian Jiu Jitsu - $16. Lamar suffered a torn cornea and can no longer participate in the PGF.

Noah Randolph – Purple Belt, 10th Planet Decatur He faces Maximus Jolly, David Cooper, Fedor Nikolov. Noah is very hard to submit, but he’s been susceptible to leg locks. He probably pulls out the win against Cooper, but either gets a draw or falls to Jolly and Nikolov. – 6 points

Landon Tourville (Team Toe Hold Red) – Blue Belt, Fathom BJJ - $12. He faces Kemoy Anderson, Elijah Carlton, and Moose Fritz. This lineup is a BIG step up in competition. He’s facing two seasoned veterans. Can the GOAT of Day 1 take the GOAT of the PGF? And Moose isn’t an easy win either. – 3 points.

Luke Church Claunch (Team Level) – Purple Belt at 10th Planet Decatur - $15. He faces Fedor Nikolov, Matt Elkins, and Nick Craton. Church is game, but not game enough to get a sub against this murderer’s row of opponents. – 0 points.

Cody “MOOSE” Fritz (Team Toe Hold Blue) – Purple Belt, 10th Planet Santa Barbara - $14. He faces Sam Schwartzapfel, Sawyer Griffin, and Landon Tourville. Moose is already a fan favorite because of his personality and unorthodox style, but he’s going to have a tough time getting a submission today.– 0 points.

Tony “Buddha” McClure (Team Toe Hold Blue) – Blue Belt, Integrity BJJ and Fitness - $14. He faces Elijah Carlton, Kemoy Anderson, and Maximus Jolly. We love Buddha, but he’s not getting a submission today. – 0 points.

Paul Bahri (Team Toe Hold Red) – Blue Belt at 10th Planet Jacksonville - $13. He faces Sawyer Griffin, Sam Schwartzapfel, and Matthew Dewees. He beat his good friend Dewees to win the Jacksonville qualifier, but that was a decision victory. He’s unlikely to get a submission today. – 0 points.

Matthew DeWees (Team Toe Hold Blue) – Blue Belt at 10th Planet Jacksonville - $13. He faces Nick Craton, Travis Thomas, and Paul Bahri. He’ll probably force a draw against Bahri, but will suffer losses to Craton and Thomas. – 0 points.

Joshua “Full Time” Gibbs (Team Toe Hold Red) – Brown Belt at Nomad Jiu Jitsu of Lynchburg, Va - $12. He faces Travis Thomas, Nick Craton, and Matt Elkins. All the PGF Insiders love Full Time but he’s likely to get submitted in all three matches. Besides, we have to pick against him because he’s beating us in Fantasy PGF – 0 points.

Carson Thigpen Sawyer Griffin (Team Level) – Purple Belt at 10th Planet Decatur - $12. Sawyer steps in for Carson Thigpen on all schedules (BUT YOU MUST PUT SAWYER GRIFFIN ON YOUR ROSTER, NOT CARSON). He faces Paul Bahri, Moose Fritz, and Elijah Carlton. The match against Bahri should be non-stop action. He might surprise Moose, but will definitely suffer a loss to Elijah. – 6 points.

Alex Rodriguez (Unknown) – Blue Belt at 10th Planet Orange Park - $10. He’s not on the roster, but he might have to step in if someone is injured.

David Cooper – Blue Belt, Ironclad Wrestling. - $10 He faces Handsome Kevin Sherrill, Noah Randolph, and Cam Hurd. Unlikely to get a submission, but can help you round out your team.

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