Job: Coach


Sean Applegate

Sean Applegate is working on taking over the SE US grappling scene if not the world. He sent two of his lower belt students to take down two qualifiers and almost had another student take down a third. Applegate has another student who won CJJ Worlds and got to the round of 16 in the ADCC trials. Applegate is known as the authority on leg locks and as one of the calmest coaches matside. I wouldn’t be surprised if his team members started making pilgrimages to Atlanta after learning from Applegate.

Drew Weatherhead

Because Jiu Jitsu owner, BJJ black belt, regular on the Around the Mat show. If you only know him from the Around the Mat show, you might think Drew is just a funny Canadian guy. I assure you, check out his tutorials and technique videos. He’s a technician and will be great to see teach competitors and will be funny trading barbs with other coaches.

Eli Knight

Eli Knight – if I have to explain how awesome Eli Knight is, I’m not sure how you got to this page. Please check out his YouTube Channel and Instagram. He has awesome techniques available: no-gi, gi, self-defense, basically everything you could want online. I’m very excited to see him as a part of the PGF.

Jake and Matt Elkins

Jake Elkins and Matt Elkins: the Elkins brothers!!!!! Jake Elkins is a wrestling aficionado, having been a AL state champ and wrestled in college. He’s a purple belt under BMAC/the Commish and has excelled at both teaching wrestling to National-level talent and has worked to adapt traditional wrestling to jiu jitsu. Matt Elkins is the younger brother of Jake, but the higher belt in jiu jitsu as a brown belt. Matt is also an AL wrestling state champion and was an MMA fighter until fairly recently. Matt has one of the most killer front headlock/chinstrap set of submissions around.